Robert Kocher Hightower
Eric Princz

Robert Kocher is the owner and editor of Fright Times Magazine, a professional magazine for the Haunted House and Halloween Industry. You can learn more about Fright Times Magazine at
In addition, Robert also runs a graphic and website design company called The Village of Darkness (TheVillageOfDarkness) under a parent company, Camelot Computers Inc which specializes in SQL databases. Rob also is the Co-Owner of the annual National Haunters Convention & Halloween Show ( in Valley Forge, PA each year. Rob has a strong background in graphical development and programming and has a fond history of early Dungeons and Dragons (1st edition). He currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research & Systems Engineering as well as Electrical from Rutgers University in NJ. He has been long time friends with Eric Princz and both grew up with their summers on the Wildwood, NJ seashore working or hanging around places like Castle Dracula. It has been a long time dream to have a haunted house on the Wildwood boardwalk.

Eric Princz is the owner and lead fabricator for Creative Design & Engineering. Creative Design & Engineering is an animatronics and special effects design-fabrication company that specializes in audio-animatronics, show action equipment and themed fabrication. Eric has been working full time in design and fabrication since 1980 and his work can be seen from amusement parks, to museums to many locations on the wildwood boardwalk itself. Eric has created projects and worked with clients such as the Guinness Book of World Records, The Pirate Museum in the Florida Keys by Pat Croce, AOL, Bank of America, Elaine's Haunted Restaurant, Tropicana Casino and even HBO sports just to name a few. An industry legend and expert in Haunted House Animatronics, he puts his passion into everything his does and promises to continue to update and upgrade your experience at the House of Haunts. He has worked very hard to produce this haunted house for you to enjoy for years to come.